Frequently Asked Questions

March 27, 2016

Where to? (3d person with multiple questions mark)

Whats the Rain Policy?

  • Every crew does 10-15 properties a day. If it rained today, yesterday or the day before it’s possible we could still be playing catch-up. We’ll get to your lawn as soon as possible. If we don’t show up right on time, please remember that if there was rain recently, thats probably the reason why.



Do you offer services that are not listed on your website?

  • Yes! If there is anything lawn related that is not mentioned on our website, just reach out to us and we’ll get you a quote. Please contact us on site, call, or even text us!



 Whats included in your standard service?

  • We call it “The Classic”. Includes: mowing, trimming, light edging and using a leaf blower to clear off all hard surfaces from lawn debris.



What are my payment options? 

  • We primarily bill/invoice through Square.  However we do accept cash, credit/debit, personal check, and even bitcoin.  Cash payments must be rendered at time of service.  If paying with bitcoin please contact us for our bitcoin address.



How often should I water my lawn? 

  • We recommend during the hottest parts of summer 15 minutes on all areas at least every other day. Daily is preferred but economically is sometimes not ideal.



What if I don’t know my yard size?

  • Easy. Just go to and type in your address. The first fact listed should be your yard/lot size in acres. If it’s listed in SQFT, here is a quick guide:
    • 10,890 SQFT = .25 acre.
    • 21,780 SQFT = .5 acre.
    • 43,560 SQFT = 1 acre.
    • If you’re still unsure, contact us and we can give you your exact lot size/info without ever visiting. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.



Why do you charge extra for taller grass? 

  • If you’ve ever tried to mow a yard with tall grass, you know exactly why. Our pricing is based off of avg’s and these variables have a huge impact on the time it takes to get a yard done.
    • 9-19″ grass can take 1.5-3x longer than average.
    • 20″ or taller grass can take anywhere from 2-4x longer than average.
  • If you sign up for recurring service and your grass is initially tall you will only be charged for tall grass on our first visit.